All art is contemporary, if it's alive.
And if it's not alive, what's the point of it?
David Hockney

Pictured Gathering with Mirror, 2018
David Hockney

Photographic Drawing Printed on Paper

Mounted on Dibond

Total Edition No. 23/25

83 X 224 X 2.5 cm

Total 8,900 Pieces

USD 8 / 1 Piece


  • UNGJO JANG A Professor at Hongik University

    As revolutionary as his artworks are, the way we share and celebrate his work should be different- which in this case is the offering of fractionalised ownership interest.

  • SANGEON JEON Platform-L Managing Director

    Though we become more familiar with the artist’s name over time, we never go unsurprised with David Hockney’s experimental and ever-evolving art.

  • SUHYUNG CHUNG-KIM Skinner Auctioneers

    David Hockney is considered as one of the most influential and versatile artists of today, always breaking creative boundaries with fresh ideas.



‘Pictured Gathering with Mirror’ is made up of rows of chairs angled towards the back wall, with seated and standing igures (some appearing more than once) occupying the mise en scéne.All are positioned in such a way that centralizes the viewer as a participant. Hockney himself makes an appearance: resting at the edge of the tableau, cigarette in hand.

In this ‘photographic drawing’ a continuation of his earlier work with composite polaroids and multi-screen videos, Hockney has digitally combined photographs taken from many perspectives into single monumental images. Composite photographs do not follow the dogmatic logic of single point perspective. Having always been interested in new media, these prints are an exciting extension of Hockney’s experimentation with reverse perspective into other media beyond painting.



Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures), 1972

Acrylic on canvas

213.5 x 305 cm.

Sold for US $ 90.30M

Henry Geldzahler and Christopher Scott, 1972


213.5 x 305 cm.

Sold for US $ 50M

Pacific Coast Highway and Santa Monica, 1972

Acrylic on canvas

213.5 x 305 cm.

Sold for US $ 30M

Return on Investment above the S&P 500

David Hockney (b.1937) has cemented his status as the most influential contemporary artist over the last 10 years, repeatedly setting new records in the total sales and auction price. The return on investment of his works has been exceeding that of S & P 500 . In 2018, his work was sold at Christie's in New York for $90.3m - an auction record for a work by a living artist. The exhibition, ⟪David Hockney⟫, held at the Seoul Museum of Art from March to August this year (2019), attracted more than 350,000 viewers, proving David Hockney is an artist loved not only by critics but also by the public.



Largest Market Impact Among His Contemporaries

According to Mutual Art’s market index (Aug 2019) , David Hockney’s Market Impact and Activity far surpass that of other major contemporary artists (Jeff Koons, George Condo, Chuck Close). David hockney has continuously expanded his influence in terms of media coverage, number of auction lots, and activity, further driving the demand for his works.


Frequent Upward Momentum of the Price of Similar Artworks

The historical performance of David Hockney’s lithograph work has shown that it has frequent upward momentum, returning more than five times the initial auction price over the 18 year time period. <The Wave>, initially sold for US $ 4,830 in 1999, was resold for US $43,000 in 2017.


B. July 9, 1937 Bradford, United Kingdom

David Hockney is a British artist who has greatly influenced the 20th century contemporary art. Often celebrated as ‘the living legend of contemporary art’ and ‘the most expensive living artist’, David Hockney has been continuously exploring the possibility of various media, creating artworks with computers, fax, film cameras, and even iPads.

Having always been interested in the matter of perspective, he is known for his refusal to follow the dogmatic logic of single point perspective. As the culmination of his lifelong study on perspectives, in his “photographic” paintings, David Hockney embraces multiple experiences of space and perspectives.


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